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This is where I begin

Hello again, it's me. If you have been a silent reader from my old blog, sorry but the old blog is dead. I tried reviving it to bring it back to life but I figured this would be the best time to close such a chapter and start with a new one. New life, new country, foreign to everything. What better way to share my journey and write my musings but with a set of fresh eyes, right? So yes, I moved to CANADA, I know in my old blog, I said we were going to move to Sydney, but I guess things have changed, I mean isn't it life-- when you were so certain about everything, all of a sudden you'd be in a place you never least expect it. I can't complain though, because although Canada is such a quiet country, people here are very friendly... so yes, I love it here. I am thankful that God has a better plan for us, and I'm just letting Him be. There's a lot of things I would like to say but first, I would like to wish you were safe, in bed, or on your phone browsing thru my blog, but if you were not in such a good place right now, just know I am praying for you. It's been a crazy few weeks, turned into months, and who knows when will this ever end.

When we moved here in Canada I have nothing but hopes, I work 2 jobs, I get paid every week, then so suddenly, when I am just about to get used to the fast phased life, suddenly... everything went fussy, and I had to put a pause, still I am thankful, and I hope you are thankful as well because you were on a pause-- just on pause, because some of us had to put a stop, abruptly. I didn't mean for this to go super dark, but I just had to acknowledge the fact that this is our new normal.

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was just browsing videos about Canada, what it would be like to live in such a cold country, far from where I was used to, I wonder where to eat, places to take good selfies, I kept watching vlogs, everyday, and now it's already been 5 months since we moved here. The first few days of being here, I was happy, excited, sad, but mostly hopeful. I used to always bug my husband just to say how bizarre and crazy this is that we were actually here, like we live here now. That in 30 years of existing, we will get used to the new norm, breathing a new air, and slowly, ever so slowly, building our new life here. Now I can't promise you that there will be tons of blog updates because let's face it, I am a crappy blogger and I mostly shoot videos now for my youtube channel, so follow me there. But I will still try my best to get back to my first love--which is writing, so here's to the new blog and new life. Hope to be with you in this journey. Cheers! x


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