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Style Nanda Pink Hotel in Myeongdong

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! yes, I am writing this on the exact Christmas day. I know this has got to be a very long overdue post already about my recent trip to Korea but please bear with me I've got tons to blog about-- and if you didn't know I have been posting my travel vlogs on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Just click the link and watch our DAY 1 up to DAY 6. Anyways, Myeongdong.. I've always wanted to go to Korea and explore Myeongdong particularly because it's a shopping spree haven. I kept on imagining going from one store to another whilst bathing myself in endless of freebies. But I kid you not, it was way impossible for me to really visit each and every store because it would be a complete marathon. 
But if there's one store I was really looking forward to visit, that would have to be the PINK HOTEL of Stylenanda, a flagship store in Myeongdong.
I didn't get to really take a nice picture because it was such a busy day in Myeongdong when we went there, so if you want to see an in depth view of the hotel, you may do so by watching my vlogs.
4th floor - LAUNDRY AREA. How cool is this aesthetic? 
5th floor - the uber popular CAFE.
Plus the amazing roof top POOL CAFE.
If I may be honest, I was expecting this place to be a bit more spacious than it actually is. I was kind of surprised that it was pretty small in real life.
Despite the hectic crowd and very cold weather, it was still worth the visit.


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