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Not gunna lie, I have been shopping even more than I usually do ever since quarantine happens. My bank account had a bit of a workout, but in my defense, these are the products that I would usually use and get a lot of use of. I would often buy and invest in a pricier product rather than buy tons …
London, ON, Canada

London Ontario (downtown)

There is something charismatic about London, Ontario. Although very laid back, it is very peaceful and I love it here. I remember the first time I saw London, I thought "what is this place? a ghost town?" it was a quiet afternoon on a Sunday when we visited the place we are currently ren…


I love Toronto, although crowded and fast phased, I still like Toronto, I can envision myself living here, only if it was a tid bit quieter. But don't get me wrong, they have literally everything you need and could ever imagine buying. It was pretty convenient to go around, there are tons of p…
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