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My Secret to Glass Skin

It should be no secret by now how much I love dewy Korean skin, I recently uploaded a video all about my current favorites and I talked about this amazing holy grail primer/highlighter that I have been using for years. It's the Klavuu Ideal Actress Backstage Cream that I got from Yesstyle.
This is a very good base primer or can be used alone or on top of makeup. Because of the consistency and formulation-- light and not sticky, this a very versatile product.
his has a slight pink undertone which is great as it can also act as a tone-up cream to cancel your redness or uneven skin tone plus it has an SPF of 30 Pa+++ to protect your skin from the sun.
 Once you blend the product, you'd be left with the most amazing GLASS SKIN dewy effect skin. From the name itself, "Ideal Actress Backstage Cream", you would think this would be the same exact product being used by many Korean celebrities to get a really nice dewy skin effect. I love this and this is a must-have in my makeup collection. If are interested to buy, you can get this from Yesstyle.com and use my rewards code "TRINAYES10" for an additional 10% OFF on top of their existing promo codes. Buy here: Klavuu Ideal Actress Backstage Cream

Another highlighter / primer makeup base that I really like is the VDL Lumilayer Primer.
When my friend went to Hongkong, I had to ask her to buy me this because I couldn't find it anywhere else in the Philippines, or I would find it overly priced in some online shops. Good thing, Yesstyle carries this for a much cheaper price, and they are currently on sale. If you use my rewards code "TRINAYES10" you would even score this at a much cheaper price. Buy here: VDL Primer 
This is very much alike the Klavuu but this is a tad bit watery which means very much lighter on the face. I also use this as my primer or highlighter.

This one also has a pink sheen to it, but doesn't give any glittery effect, this just gives the same wet look dewy skin. I know that this product has been hyped over the years and honestly, this is really a must-have especially if you are aiming for an effortless healthy glow. I use this alone most of the time if I didn't want to put any makeup on, this just gives the perfect amount of glow to the skin.

Although I have to say that this one leans towards the "makeup" category and has a more obvious sheen/glitter to it unlike with the klavuu, I feel like that one has a bit more skincare benefits and looks more "skin-like" than just being a highlighter. But in saying that, VDL has launched other formulation of this primer, they have the VDL FRESH which is more of a moisturizer that would give you an instant glass skin effect, or like an effortless glazed donut without any obvious glitters. lol The other one, which is the most expensive one is the VDL Booster  which gives a blue pearly undertone which helps cover your imperfections such as blemishes or uneven skin tone. I haven't tried the two, but nonetheless, both sound promising. I am keener to try the VDL fresh because I like having an effortless glowy skin.

Again if you are interested on these products, Yesstyle.com is having a huge summer sale up to 80% OFF,  plus an additional 12% OFF if you use the code : SUMMER2020 and on top of that, an extra extra discounts if you use my rewards code "TRINAYES10".


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