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Not gunna lie, I have been shopping even more than I usually do ever since quarantine happens. My bank account had a bit of a workout, but in my defense, these are the products that I would usually use and get a lot of use of. I would often buy and invest in a pricier product rather than buy tons of it at a more affordable price, I am more of a quality over quantity type of girl. lol I had a very embarrassing experience with that saying in college when I joined a pageant. If you know, you know. 
In saying that, this Chanel sheer healthy glow tinted moisturizer ($60) is the current base/foundation that I have been using. I was thinking of buying other foundations, but to be honest, I knew I would reach for this more than anything because I have sensitive skin, and the last time I visited my dermatologist during a crazy time when my skin was supersensitized, she advised me to stick to CHANEL or NARS and avoid using bb creams as it can clogged the pores. The only thing I'm kinda bummed about is the fact that it doesn't have any SPF, I'm not sure if that's because of the spf regulations here in Canada, or idk. But it's supposed to have spf 30, nonetheless, I still love the finish of it and not only it gives you a healthy-looking skin but it also has skin benefits, hence why I love chanel products because they also include some skincare benefits to their products.
Next o my list is this KLAVUU mild sunscreen with SPF 47+++ ($22.80) that I got from Yesstyle. I have a discount code that you can use for 10% off (TRINAYES10). I  love this one because not only it protects the face but at the same time, this acts as a tone up cream, kinda like a CC cream. At first you would think this would leave a white cast but it's really not, it's just the "tone-up" effect that's doing it, you just have to really blend this all in. I love this, this makes my skin super soft and kind of poreless. I did a whole video about it and other products, which if you haven't seen my haul video, you can check it out here:
For the lips, since all of us are staying at home, all you really need is a lip balm, so I've been enjoying this Glow recipe lip pop ($29) although I find this kinda expensive for a lip balm, it does more than being just hydrating because this is also an exfoliant to the lips and it gives a hint of a pink tint-- making your lips super luscious and healthy.
although, I have to admit this could use some more hydrating and slide to the lips.
Last but not the least, Chanel Velvet Body Oil ($72), a very controversial addition in my collection, only because I have allergic rhinitis so whenever I use this, I find it hard for me to breathe, and it definitely irritates my throat and lungs, haha! that sounds insane, but this is way too pretty to pass, so I didn't want to return this. Don't get me wrong, I love the scent so much and the softness and glow that it gives to my skin, I just really have a very sensitive nose. But the packaging is really what gets me every time I look at it. The scent lingers up to the next day on your skin or clothes but unlike oil perfumes, this doesn't have a strong scent, you have to really put your nose to the skin to smell it. What I do is I would use this after I shower, and 2 to 4 sprits are all you really need to spread this on your arms, neck, and decollete. 
there is so much beauty stuff I wanted to share with you but these would be it for now. Make sure to subscribe to my channel because I upload there regularly now.
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