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London, ON, Canada

London Ontario (downtown)

There is something charismatic about London, Ontario. Although very laid back, it is very peaceful and I love it here. I remember the first time I saw London, I thought "what is this place? a ghost town?" it was a quiet afternoon on a Sunday when we visited the place we are currently renting. What a very small town I thought to myself, there is sadness in my heart knowing we will be 2 hours away from the city. The neighborhood was very quiet, I thought I'd die in depression if I stay here. We have no car, no money to shop, no family. it was scary.
but then as time went by, I get used to the scene and the simple life here, it was beautiful. I would spend my days walking in downtown after work, familiarizing the place, my community, and the more I stay here, the more I appreciate the place. Although we would only be here 2 years, still I love it here.
The buildings here are kinda reminiscent of Europe, especially if you go where the rich lives in the south. The Victorian houses are to die for, I couldn't even take photos of it because I always savor the moment in awe of such beautiful houses. And to be honest, the picture won't even give proper justice to the lovely houses.
One of my favorite places to see here is the Covent Garden, they sell fresh flowers, food, produce, and cheeses, you name it, they have it. I would love to experience the outdoor farmers market here when we could all go out after this pandemic.

The churches here are also very beautiful, they have a few ones in downtown, too many even. I'd like to think that people here are very religious, and they express all sorts of religion and fate everywhere, which I honestly really love about London. There are literally churches everywhere you go. My favorite out of the bunch is this church right here, the St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica. This church is massive and even more prettier in person.

There are so many things I would miss about London once we moved out, the amazing people I have met and my canadian colleagues that are so nice and friendly, the unlimited amount of supply chain in groceries, and the fact that the life here is very chill and laid-back. So I will make sure to make the best out of it and enjoy our stay here while we can.

In case you are wondering what the downtown looks like, here is a vlog that I made on my youtube channel where we  explored downtown London for the first time when we moved here.


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